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2020-2021 Season


The Board of Directors has developed procedures to facilitate the manner in which teams are selected.  There are numerous ways that teams can be determined, and we understand that none are perfect.  The Board annually assesses how we can enhance every aspect of the Team Selection Process in an effort to foster consistency, transparency, and fairness.  It is our goal to place players on a team that most closely matches their hockey skill and ability.  In doing so, we hope to provide every player the best opportunity to succeed and compete. There will always be parents who are disappointed with the tryout results and their child’s team placement. Human nature dictates that people will have differences of opinion. It is important to remember that team selection is never made by a single individual within our organization.  Quite the contrary is true.  At every level, we have developed a process that requires the consensus of multiple individuals before teams are announced.  The Board reviews for accuracy and legitimateness, every placement on every team at every level to ensure that rules were followed, and the pre-determined process was adhered to.




Co-ed tryouts for the 2020 – 2021 Season will be held at the Stoneham Arena. Co-ed tryouts will consist of two sessions for Squirts through Bantams.  Dates and times will be posted on the website.




Players must meet the following qualifications in order to be eligible for tryouts:


All balances from the prior season must be paid in full.  All players must be registered with USA Hockey via the www.usahockey.com website and have a valid USA Hockey number in order to register to play.  All participants must register with Stoneham Youth Hockey via the www.syhockey.com website and pay the determined Registration Fee.  Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


NOTE: Because tryouts are held in late March, and USA Hockey registration does not open until April for the upcoming season, when you register with SYH, you will use your number from the prior season. All members are required register with USA Hockey after they open registration and then update their new USA Hockey registration in their SYH account via www.syhockey.com.



  • Registration fee Mites - Midgets - Girls: $275

  • Full Season Travel Player Squirts-Bantam:$1,950

  • Full Season Travel Player Mites: $1200

  • Full Season Travel Players U10, U12, U14 Girls:$1,500

  • Half Season Midgets:$750

  • Half Season U19 Girls:$750

  • Additional fee for Co-ed girls also playing on U10, U12, U14:$600

  • In-House Instructional Mites:$650



  • Multi-Child applied to (2nd child) registered:-$200

  • Multi-Child applied to (3rd child) registered:-$525

  • Multi-Child applied to (4th child) registered:-$800

  • Multi-Child applied to (5th child) registered: No Cost

  • Goalie Fee (on rosters with 1 goalie): $975

  • Goalie Fee (on rosters with multiple goalies): $650

  • Goalie Fee  Half-Season Teams: $375


Your ice bill covers all tryouts, practices, regular season and playoff games, Skills Sessions, District Playdown Game (first game only), State Tournament fees (for invited teams and District winning teams), game jerseys and socks.  Your ice bill does not cover USA Hockey Registration fees, the cost of replacement jerseys and socks, any extra games that the Coaches or team manager may arrange such as tournaments.


For purposes of Multi-Child discounts, SYH does not include family members participating on Learn-to-Skate, Learn-to-Play, and Instructional-Mites.


***Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and are deducted from the total ice bill balance due for full-time players.


SYH has a “No Pay, No Play” policy.  Your ice bill is required to be paid in full by September 15, 2020.  A $100 late fee for full season participants and/or $50 late fee for half-season participants will be applied to any accounts with a balance on September 15, 2020.




A Tryout Committee of Raters will evaluate each player. The internal raters will consist of Level Directors, coaches, and anyone the Level Director determines is capable of objectively evaluating hockey skills of the players trying out at that level. In addition, SYH will hire one external rater to Rate players independently.  The External Rater may be one of our Skills providers or anyone else that the Board determines is capable of independently evaluating the hockey skills of those participating in tryouts.

Prior to the first tryout sessions, all players will be assigned a random number. Players will keep their tryout number with them for both tryout sessions and only return them at the conclusion of the tryout.  It is the responsibility of the player/parent/guardian to ensure that they wear the same number for all tryout sessions.  Numbers will be collected only at the conclusion of the tryout sessions.

MITES (Fall Tryout), SQUIRTS, U8 GIRLS, and U10 GIRLS - Team selection will be determined by the player’s numerical rating system.  If the Board believes that “egregious errors” are made, they may vote to move a player.


PEEWEE, BANTAM, U12 and U14 GIRLS - Team selection will be determined by a combination of the player ratings and by the subjectivity of the Head Coach.  Subjectivity of the Head Coach will be used when two players are rated similarly.  Head Coaches may use subjective choices to “fine-tune” his/her roster in the following manner:  Coaches will only be allowed to make subjective choices from any of the bottom 5 rated players on a potential roster with any of the top 5 rated players on the roster below.  


MIDGETS and U19 GIRLS -Tryouts will be conducted by the team coaches.  Depending on the number of players registered, team placement and position will be determined by the coach’s evaluations. Midget Tryouts will be held starting in April. Exact dates posted on and times are TBD.




All players at each level (Mite-Bantam and U8-U14) will receive a numerical grade for each skill which will then be tabulated.  (i.e., 1 – 5).  Raters will do their best to evenly distribute players among the five possible scores for each category:  the bottom 20% of the player pool will receive a 1 rating, the top 20% of the player pool will receive a 5 rating, etc. At the conclusion of tryouts, each Rater should have a near even distribution of all possible scores (1-5) with roughly 20% of the player pool rated at each score.


Players will be rated on the following:  Forward Start, Acceleration, Forward Skating, Backward Skating, Balance, Crossovers, Stopping, Turns, Shooting, Stick Handling, and Situational Play


Note: The number of goals a player gets during scrimmage play does not necessarily mean he/she will receive a higher score for Situational Play.  A player’s Situational Play rating is based on his/her overall demonstrated knowledge of the game during the scrimmage portion of tryouts. Factors such as puck control, passing, shooting, back-checking, aggressiveness to the puck, ability to anticipate the play, and ability to be in position all contribute to the overall Situational Play Score.




Nightly scores will NOT be posted by SYH.  At the conclusion of tryouts, scores will be tabulated by the Board and verified for accuracy.  A numerical ranking will be established from highest rated player to the lowest rated player.  The Board will determine the cutoff point and establish the appropriate number of teams and the team rosters, taking into consideration an equitable (not necessarily equal) number of players per roster.


The Board will not allow any second-year player within their respective age bracket, (Mites, Squirts, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget) to be moved down a Team on that level. All second year players at every level will be guaranteed to play on the same Team as the prior year or a higher team if appropriate.  The exception to this would be if a player does not attend tryouts.  In that case, the placement would be determined by the procedure set forth in the “Absent from Tryouts” section of this document.


Example: A Player who played on Squirt 2 this season and who will be a Squirt again next season will not play for any team below the Squirt 2 team the follow year regardless of the Ratings that he/she received at the tryouts.




Head Coaches will be selected by the Stoneham Youth Hockey Board of Directors. Head coaches will be responsible for selecting their assistant coaches and team manager. The Board of Directors must approve all coaches. ALL COACHES MUST MEET ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF USA HOCKEY AND BE PROPERLY CERTIFIED AND REGISTERED. Coaches that have not fulfilled their coaching requirements (Patching, modules, etc) by December 1st of each year will be forbidden to coach on the practice ice or be on the bench for games.



The minimum number of kids per team will be no less than 11 players (10 skaters 1 goalie), with a maximum of no more than 17 (15 skaters, 2 goalies).  This all depends on the number of players per level.  The Board will make every effort to adhere to these guidelines unless circumstances prove unavoidable to increase the number of players per team.


The numbers of teams per level and the number of players per roster will not be determined until after registration and tryouts.  It is important that all players planning to play on an SYH team attend tryouts. This helps us see the entire pool of players and create the most advantageous number of teams and team size.  Final Teams will be posted on the www.syhockey.org website as soon as possible but no later than April 30th


Parent/Guardian of siblings that make different teams may request to have both siblings play together on the lower of the two teams. Parents may elect to leave siblings on two different teams.  The Board will make every attempt to accommodate these requests however there may be some circumstances where this does not make practical sense.  For example, if the skill difference is so great that dropping a sibling to a lower team would adversely affect all other players on the lower team, the Board may choose to deny the request.




Any player who is absent from tryouts will automatically be placed on the lowest team. Depending upon Availability, Coaches Input, Number of Players on a Team, and approval by the Stoneham Youth Hockey Board of Directors, a player may be moved up to a higher level.  Skill level is considered only in situations where team placement would disrupt the overall make-up of the team.  Special circumstance will be given special consideration.  If a player cannot attend tryouts due to unavoidable circumstances, please notify in writing, the SYH Board of Directors as soon as you become aware that they would miss tryouts.  Your written communication should detail the specific reason(s) why he/she will miss tryouts along with any supporting documentation, including a doctor’s note, travel itinerary, and/or other supporting evidence.  The Board will evaluate the circumstances of each player’s absence independently and make a determination on the best placement for him/her, taking into consideration all affected teams and players. If a goalie decides that they do not want to be goalie anymore, the absent from tryout rules apply.


Valid reasons for missing tryouts may include:

  • Injury, illness or other Medical Reason

  • Planned vacations

  • Important school events


Invalid reasons for missing tryouts may include: 

  • Trying out for Select Teams, Club Teams, and/or any other team.

  • Last minute vacation plans.

  • Participation in other sports activities – baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.




Any player who misses part of the tryouts (one session of the two for example) will be placed accordingly by the coaches and Board of Directors based upon the aforementioned guidelines.



In years where team size allows, the Board may allow for Alternate Players and Goalies on the Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam levels.  SYH is under no obligation to offer alternate player spots on any team in any year and will only do so when it is in the best interest of the organization. The Board will review the need for alternate positions after the new BOD elections and prior to September 1st.


NOTE: Registration fees applied for tryouts in March for the upcoming season are non-refundable and non-transferable, nor can they be applied to Alternate balances. If SYH approves the alternate program in September, and at that point Alternate Candidates will be allowed to register and only then will your deposit be applied to your fees as an alternate.