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USA Hockey Player Safety Video
2018-19 MYC U14 South Champions

Update SYH Profile
How to Update your SYH profile with USA Hockey Registration number. Every...



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No Pay / No Play Policy
Please be advised that Stoneham Youth Hockey has a “No...


Nov 14 - 17, 2019
Stoneham Arena, Stoneham
Thursday 11/14 HOME   vs VISITOR   RINK
7:00pm Stoneham     Winchester   STONEHAM
Game 1            
Friday 11/15            
5:00pm Framingham     Parkway   STONEHAM
6:10pm Wellesley     Canton   STONEHAM
7:20pm Milton     Waltham   STONEHAM
8:30pm Natick     Duxbury   STONEHAM
Saturday 11/16            
  HOME vs VISITOR      
6:30am Canton     Framingham   STONEHAM
7:40am Waltham     Natick   STONEHAM
8:50am Parkway     Wellesley   STONEHAM
10:00am Winchester     Duxbury   STONEHAM
11:10am Stoneham     Milton   STONEHAM
4:00pm Winchester     Milton   STONEHAM
5:10pm Framingham     Wellesley   STONEHAM
6:20pm Canton     Parkway   STONEHAM
7:30pm Duxbury     Waltham   STONEHAM
8:40pm Natick     Stoneham   STONEHAM
Sunday 11/17 SEMIFINALS            
  HOME vs VISITOR      
8:00am           STONEHAM
9:10am           STONEHAM
  HOME   vs VISITOR    
4:00pm           STONEHAM

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USA Hockey Player Safety Video

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2018-19 MYC U14 South Champions

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Update SYH Profile

How to Update your SYH profile with USA Hockey Registration number.

Every year you need to update your SYH player with the new USA Hockey number.

Update Guide Update SYH Instruction Guide




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Steps to Become and Continue to be a USA Hockey Coach 

USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach. Registration is done online on a yearly basis. Certification is also required.

NEW FOR 2017-18!!!

Coaching Education Program Online Age-Specific Requirements (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)

  • Complete the online age-specific module(s) for the age level of play you are coaching (Cost is $10 per module and only needs to be completed once per age level) Click here to register for the modules.

USA Hockey Requirements (Must be completed before participating in any team activities)

  • Register as a member of USA Hockey (Cost is $40 plus any affiliate fees if applicable). Click here for more information.
  • Complete the background screening (found on your affiliate website and some affiliates require approval before you can be added to a roster).
  • Complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training (required every two years and cannot be added to a roster until completed). Click here for more information.

Coaching Education Program Certification Clinic Requirements (Must be completed by Dec. 31)

  • Find, register and attend the required certification clinic. (Cost is $45 plus any lunch fees if applicable) You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. (The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31).
  • Through the month of August, Massachusetts will be posting more and more clinic dates. Please be patient as the clinic dates posted will increase throughout the month.

by posted 08/11/2017


To ensure that you receive our e-mails, you must add Notification@LeagueAthletics.com, to your e-mail address book!  You should also consider adding filters that force all e-mails from domains @LeagueAthletics.com to your InboxWe've seen examples where people who did not take these steps because they were occassionally receiving our e-mails, later learn that other e-mails had been sent to their Spam/Junk/Trash. 

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No Pay / No Play Policy
Please be advised that Stoneham Youth Hockey
has a “No Pay / No Play” policy which will be enforced.  If your bill has NOT been paid by payment dates listed in the registration information page.

by SYH Board posted 03/14/2011
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